paradise garden
summerville, ga
september 8, 2014

me in long island, ny
sinai vessel spring tour
photograph by daniel

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PROFANITY is now available for pre-order on 12” vinyl from Flannel Gurl Records. this is a huge day for us—we’re deeply indebted to jonathan and kimmi, to members and supporters past and present, and to you. thank you. please share and reblog this around if you’d like. we love you so much.


this morning i woke up and drove to Paradise

Anonymous asked: what kind of tuning does tanner use on the song of time?


Standard, tuned to 432 Hz


my mom deserves the credit for this one. 

olive this so much



show numero uno. [event]

yo! caleb is now booking shows at his house in Cleveland, TN (greater Chattanooga) in an attempt to relieve the massive debt of kindness and favors so many humans have showed our band over the years. if you’re in the area (or not!) toss us a like on facebook and start participating in this brand-new community.

hi. i’m finally fleshing out my long-held desire of providing bands a place to play / stay. please reblog this lots. i love you all.


stay humble out there