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i haven’t posted anything other than band matters in a minute so here’s a recent picture of me

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funeral picture

everything feels hollow and uncoupled and loose again and it’s for almost no reason at all

cycles of days like these make me yearn for normalcy. i honest to god hope to grow old and plain. monotony is better than being out of control to the point of seriously considering killing yourself every couple of weeks


"but she’s a handsome prize"

Sinai Vessel's profanity test presses arrived last week and well… They sound pretty great! Just curious, have we ever mentioned that mail days are the best days?

last night’s secret show in utah left nothing to be desired, and that’s not just because the practice space we played was no more than 100 square feet of horror movie set concrete. we’re forever indebted to Nora Dates for risking their lease to set up this adventure.

met the onion man

in’n’out virginity loss via @kaythulu

my little bird / constant companion / best friend. in no exaggerated sentiment, meeting this human changed my life and continues to fill it with hope every day. she’s beautiful through and through. #wcw