Anonymous asked: So, once upon a time I met you at a show. Instead of mustering up clips and phrases to piece together into a conversation, I think I attempted to wave and tell you I think you're a beautiful human. Essentially displaying myself as an awkward mess and mentally wanting to crawl in a hole to hide. The end.

hey—if anyone’s an awkward mess, i’m the low-end champion of that title. please don’t shame yourself for any kind of social anxiety. you’re a human being that’s inherently deserving of being understood. i appreciate your kindness and i’d love to be your friend! who are ya?

i’ve never bought anything so quickly in my life

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this photo of josh and caleb was taken in grand rapids, michigan on january 10, 2014 while we were getting ready to play the basement of the waffle haus. after the show we went to grand coney with a posse then came back to the house. we went to sleep at about 4 am and woke up at 7 to drive to toledo to film our little elephant session. i drove 3 hours straight, then 5 more hours after the session. we later played in woodbridge, virginia to some of the nicest people we’ve had the fortune of meeting. this was one of the best days of my life.

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backside tip touch feat. myself & nick

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florida tour highlight reel

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currently weeping


i thought i saw a girl with really cool hair that was straight up white but then it was was an old lady but i guess it still was

aaand another design for a fictional marketing / documentarian agency.
as seems to be the trend, i’ll probably rework this one into a shirt design.